Customer´s journey

  • To specify requirements of CoWorkers: know-how, skills, experience to define the profile to search
  • To focus on scouting: permanent search in network, tech- community, recommendations
  • To prepare „Long List“ based on the skills & competencies check
  • To execute evaluation process: interviews, fact check, reference processing
  • To test selected candidate on test project or tech-assessment
  • Final selection for Remote Factory

Based on your business needs you can decide which form of cooperation fits you the most:


  • RCW Project cooperation 
  • RCW Temporary cooperation
  • RCW Permanent cooperation

We implement further improvements based on:

  • Experience from projects and customers´ feedbacks
  • Experts feedback  provided by managers from other industries & services
  • Proactive proposals of our team members
  • Evaluation from interviews, workshops or pilot projects
  • Optimisation / Extending our services and core competences
  • Better understanding of requirements: know-how, skills, experience