Customer´s journey

  • To define tasks & challenges
  • To clarify the needs: skills / know-how, experience, capacity, data management and security
  • To define the appropriate RF-Profil
  • To plan resources needed
  • To define onboarding process, ways of communication, data transfer and security
  • To validate this concept with customer = base for an offer
  • To estimate the effort based on the RF concept;
  • To define resources and scheduling
  • To define the key tasks, KPIs & results
  • For more complex project, a pre-project can create additional clarity and planning security
  • Defined result at a fixed price, without any further commitment

Cooperation agreement

  • to define cost rates, price structure…
  • to include Confidentiality agreement
  • to consider capacity agreement (No.of FTE)


Project order

  • to define project & task plan
  • to consider capacity requirements to enable the personnel planning
  • scheduling, time & cost planning


  • To consider onboarding process according to the project requirements
  • Optionally onboarding at the customer´s site.


Task Management

  • Standardized task management as the basis for the service delivery


Target Monitoring

  • Ongoing review of workload and goals achievements
  • To execute regular reviews with customer, RF management & RemoteCoWorker
  • To compare target – performance relation (effort vs. costs)
  • To compare target – gaps (goals set vs. goals achieved)
  • To check the quality (expectations vs. results)
  • To optimise the potential & to set up measures (space for improvement)