Engineering Services (Design & Development) | Remote Factory

Engineering Services (Konstruktion & Entwicklung)

CAD services on demand

development (of components, construction units, products) based on your specifications.

generative design and topology optimization, especially for additively manufactured components (3D printing), implementation of various FEM analyses

reverse engineering (remake of existing products)

cost – redesign (to reduce exisiting products in a more cost-effective way)

Output of the services:

technical drawings and documentation.

complete (re)design of machines, production lines from an idea to the final realisation.

 complex parametric 3D modelling based on 2D data or Scan- data.

standard and non-standard CAD services (process standardisation, CAD system work optimisation, 3D CAD data preparation / implementation to PDM/PLM system.

new parts / components development (based on an old components design). Cost redesign analysis incl. potential savings and required measures.