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We equip our clients with resources, expertise, and experience from Slovakia, along with a network for seamless communication in German and/or English.

The RF concept offers an alternative to the current shortage of skilled workers, with a very convincing price-performance ratio.

Think of us as your “virtual workshop,” where tailored solutions await. Remote collaboration extends beyond the IT sector.

Whether it’s on a project basis or as an “extended workbench,” our collaboration yields its greatest benefits through enduring relationships.

Although Remote Factory’s journey began with engineering services in January 2022, we’re still in our early stages and undergoing exciting development. With each stride forward, we refine our business model based on invaluable experiences and insights gleaned from ongoing projects. In 2022, we expanded into supply chain services, and in 2023, digital animation became our third business area.

Expertise matters greatly to us…

Every member of our team holds a Master’s or PhD degree, specializing in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, 3D art, purchasing, and supply chain management.

Language skills as well…

Our team communicates fluently in English, with some members proficient in German.

Our Services and Claims

Engineering Services
Use our experts to strengthen and complement your R&D team.

Digitalisation Services | Remote Factory
Digitalisation Services
We accelerate your digital transformation and the realization of your ideas.
Visualisation Services | Remote Factory
Visualisation Services
Digital animations, VR/AR, digital twins… we realize your ideas.
Procurement Services
We extend your purchasing capacity and access to procurement markets.

Shortage of talents here, shortage of exciting jobs there...

In the DACH region, especially in IT and engineering, there’s a growing scarcity of qualified technical specialists. Conversely, in Central and Eastern Europe’s non-metropolitan areas, there’s an abundance of highly skilled professionals struggling to secure suitable employment. Many perceive relocating to urban centers or abroad as their sole opportunity for accessing better job markets.

Our Company | Remote Factory

A wind of change

As digital transformation and technological advancements persist, the job market undergoes significant shifts. Numerous roles and tasks are no longer confined to specific locations, thanks to new communication channels and process designs facilitating innovative forms of collaboration.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, companies embraced remote work concepts, discovering their potential for unlocking new opportunities and enabling effective collaboration, further affirming the viability of remote work arrangements.

Role of digital transformation

Digitalisation of products as well as services and business processes brings big changes, which involve new opportunities as well as risks, especially for small and middle-size companies. For them it’s a big challenge as there is a lack of qualified personnel and at the same time the initial costs of digital transformation are enormous.

Physical location of personnel does not matter in today’s digital world. Personal interaction as well as data exchange work long distance and even creative processes in the team can be carried out successfully regardless of a location.

With our services provided by experts located in Slovakia, we can cover your short-term needs, but we always strive for long-term cooperation. Your benefits increase with our deeper knowledge of your needs, products and processes and most importantly, with us being an integral part of your team.

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