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Based on your individual needs we extend your resources and build your dedicated remote R&D team to extend your know-how, experience, capacity and power & speed to manage the digital transformation to support your business and realize your ideas.

We are a group of well-educated, highly skilled and experienced professionals, located in Slovakia.


Our Core Competences

The digital transformation | Remote Factory
The digital transformation – we extend your power and speed to manage the digital transformation in industry, architecture and real estate
R&D Services | Remote Factory
R&D Services we extend your R&D team with know-how, experience and capacity
On demand services | Remote Factory
On demand services based on your individual needs. We will recruit your dedicated Remote CoWorker team and develop a tailor-made RCW concept
Procurement & Supply Chain Management Services we extend your purchasing capacity and realize your ideas

A wind of change

Due to the digital transformation and ongoing technology development we all face huge changes on the job market on a daily basis. A huge number of activities and jobs are not tied to one exact place anymore. New ways of communication and process designs enabled new forms of cooperation.

With the onset of COVID-19 pandemics many companies were forced to deal with home office concepts and realized that such strategies bring many benefits and remote cooperation simply works.

Our Company | Remote Factory

Shortage of qualified specialists

DACH region is facing a lack of qualified and experienced technical professionals, especially in the field of IT and engineering. On the other hand, we can see a completely different situation in Slovakia as well as in central and east Europe.There are plenty of highly educated specialists who can not find enough work or their work is not well paid. Their only chance to get access to better job markets requires relocation to urban centers or even to foreign countries.

Role of digital transformation

Digitalisation of products as well as services and business processes brings big changes, which involve new opportunities as well as risks, especially for small and middle-size companies. For them it’s a big challenge as there is a lack of qualified personnel and at the same time the initial costs of digital transformation are enormous.

Physical location of personnel does not matter in today’s digital world. Personal interaction as well as data exchange work long distance and even creative processes in the team can be carried out successfully regardless of a location.

With our services provided by experts located in Slovakia, we can cover your short-term needs, but we always strive for long-term cooperation. Your benefits increase with our deeper knowledge of your needs, products and processes and most importantly, with us being an integral part of your team.

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